Sample Tests

Hair/Nail Sample Tests  SPECIAL DISCOUNT if booked by Friday, 14th October 2022.

If you would like to check whether your hair loss is due to toxic metals, parasites/invasive organisms (including the Coronavirus) or food intolerances, we can carry out a test for you which determines what the problem is and which supplements you need to take to deal with the problem. Simply print out the order form, fill in your details and send everything to us here at HairgrowthUK with your hair or nail sample.

If you cannot download the order form, please contact us at and we will email you the current order form.

Order Form

Test 1: Toxic metals  (testing 24 metals including mercury, thallium, lead and gold, all of which can cause hair loss)
Cost: £80

Test 2: Invasive organisms (bacteria, viruses (including the Coronavirus), fungi, candida and parasites)
Cost: £80

Test 3: Food intolerances (testing over 150 foods, including wheat, dairy, various fruits, pulses, legumes, vegetables and meats)
Cost: £80

Test 4: Big supplement test (testing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, digestive aids and others)
This test determines exactly which supplements you need to take to eliminate toxins from your body to give your hair a chance to grow normally again. The test results are accompanied by clear instructions on which supplements you need, how much and for how long to take them. If you have a multitude of underlying health problems, this test will need to be re-done approximately every eight to ten weeks. This test does NOT show you a profile of vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Instead, it checks which supplements you need to detox. This is tailor-made to your needs and tested against your sample.
Cost: £100

Test 5: Big test (Tests 1 – 4)
Cost: £340, but if your payment, order form and sample reaches us by Friday, 14th Octboer 2022, you only pay £199. (Only available with the order form downloaded from this page!).

Don’t have a printer?  If you don’t have a printer, upload this order form to where you can fill in all the sections of the order form on your computer. This is a free service. Save the completed order form under your own name and email it to me. All done!  All you have to do now is to send me your sample and make the payment by the deadline.

Please note:
– Having the hair or nail sample tests done does not constitute a guarantee that your hair will regrow.
– The test results do not constitute a medical diagnosis. To obtain a medical diagnosis, please consult your doctor or dermatologist.
– Any psychological and emotional issues will need to be dealt with separately as they can prevent supplements from working in their usual way.

Order Form