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Any artificial substance that enters the body can cause toxicity, even if we only ingest or inhale a minute quantity. Toxicity can occur with something we eat, something we drink, something we breathe in or something that touches our skin. You will have already seen in my answers to Question 3 that mercury fillings can poison the body, but so can vaccinations, medically prescribed drugs, recreational drugs, household chemicals, cosmetics, air pollution, water pollution, and so on. Some toxic substances can even be transmitted from the womb to the baby so that if your mother smoked or took pharmaceutical or recreational drugs before conception, these toxins will have an effect on the baby.

But there are other ways in which our bodies can become toxic: we can pick up bacteria and viruses as well as parasites through unhygienic food preparation, and the more stressed we are, the more unhealthy our diet, the more likely it is that our body does not have the strength to eliminate these toxins.

Especially with alopecia areata, it is vital to detoxify the body. Alopecia areata is an auto-immune disorder where the body attacks its own tissues. From my experience, this tends to happen when your immune system is in overdrive because of something that is in the body that the body cannot cope with. This can, for example, be a toxic metal that leaks from your tooth filling, or it can be an inocculation that has alarmed the body to an unusual extent.

But also for other types of hair loss, toxicity is a big factor. The more strongly your body is poisoned with metals, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, parasites or yeast infections, the more this will negatively affect the hormonal balance. We all know how polluted our environment is these days, so detoxification is an important issue for everyone, no matter how healthy. Certainly with a hair loss problem, it is vital to make sure the body’s toxicity load is lessened. (You will find various Factsheets concerning toxicity in the Services section.)