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Positive Thinking

There is an abundance of scientific research that shows how your thoughts can influence body processes. Even though positive thinking alone will not bring back your hair, it will certainly help de-stress your body and mind, and this indirectly helps hairgrowth because it helps all your organs and glands work better. The more unsettled and stressed you are, the harder it is for your body to work efficiently and to produce hair.

There is nothing quite so horrifying than to see handfuls of your hair coming out. I know all about it – I have been there. It is like all your worst nightmares come true. Your self-esteem and confidence are shattered and you think of nothing but the loss of your hair all day long. But if you want your hair back, your body needs to start repairing itself in peace and quiet. It’s a bit like your car engine being faulty – you can’t repair it while you are going down the motorway at 80 miles an hour. You need to stop and let the engine cool down. The same is true with any physical problems. Your body and mind need to calm down first before you can feed positive thoughts into your subconscious mind.

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