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Holistic Test: Hairgrowth UK (HGUK)
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Holistic Test: Hairgrowth UK (HGUK)

You can send a hair or nail sample to me and let me analyse it with kinesology. This means that I will check which frequencies of toxic metals, invasive organisms or food intolerances are reflected in your hair or nail sample.

Each substance, living or inert, has its own frequency which can be picked up via radionics or via kinesiology. If toxins are in your body that make your hair thinner or which make your hair fall out, these toxins can be detected in this way. In the same way, frequencies of supplements can be checked against your sample to see exactly which supplement matches your toxicity and will therefore help remove the toxin from your body.

The advantage of having these tests carried out with HGUK kinesiology is that the toxin will register even if it is stored in body tissue. A conventional laboratory test can only tell you how much mercury you have in your urine and/or in your blood, but it won’t tell you anything about the toxin that has already been stored in body tissues over the years. HGUK testing will NOT give you any figures, but it will pick up the overall toxicity in the body, i.e. in the blood, urine AND in the body tissues.

Kinesiology testing tells you what toxins are present in the body and what you need to take to detox from them so that a physical balance is restored which will allow your hair to grow again. If you have accumulated lots of ‘layers’ of health problems over the years, it will be necessary to re-test every eight to twelve weeks to see how far you have detoxed and whether you prescription needs to be changed.

To have a hair or nail sample analysis done, please go to the Services section for an order form and fees.