Information: Alopecia Androgenetica

Alopecia areata - hair loss which starts with a bald patch
Alopecia Androgenetica
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Alopecia androgenetica

Alopecia androgenetica can be a hereditary condition and is thought to be brought about by fluctuating levels of the male hormones, the androgens, in both men and women. In conventional treatment, no attempt is made to find out whythe hormonal levels have gone out of balance, and yet this is a very important question to ask. In many cases, the wrong diet, toxicity or interference from medically prescribed drugs such as the contraceptive Pill are to blame. But just coming off those drugs is often not enough to bring the hair back. Once hormones are out of balance, the body needs a lot of support to find its natural balance again, and this is best done with the right diet and with supplementation of the right vitamins, minerals and herbs.