Hair sample testing to help hair growth

As you know, I’m carrying out hair or nail sample testing for people with hair loss problems to see which supplements will help to detox so that hair can grow normally again. As I am frequently getting questions from subscribers about this testing I thought it might be useful to explain a little more about it.

As many of you know from my book on the subject, hair grows in phases. There is a growing phase, a resting phase and and falling out phase. These three phases normally work automatically. So if you have had a normal head of hair for many years and then you start noticing that your hair is thinning, receding or falling out, this is a warning sign that something in the body has changed for the worse. Whatever it is that has changed has nothing to do with your scalp. Hair loss is not a localised problem, it is a systemic problem. ‘Systemic’ means that your whole body system is struggling with something that disrupts the normal cycle of growing, resting and falling out of your hair.

This is why putting chemical lotions on your scalp is, at best, only a temporary solution or, at worst, a waste of your money.

My testing checks out (a) the most common toxic metals that can cause hair loss, (b) any invasive organisms like fungi, bacteria, protozoa, viruses which can also cause hair loss and (c) foods and drinks which can either cause hair loss or which can prevent your hair from growing properly.

I used to think that food intolerances were not that important when I first started testing in 1999, but after working with clients for over 23 years, I now understand that eating foods you don’t tolerate can actually prevent the body from detoxing from substances that prevent hair growth.

Once I have all the information about toxicities, invasive organisms and food intolerances, I can start testing which specific supplements my client needs to sort out the toxicities, to strengthen their immune system and to provide their body with the nutrients to regrow hair again.

Regrowing hair can take months and in some cases a couple of years. The length of time to restore hair growth depends on the type and number of toxicities you have and how well you can stick to your supplement plan.

I hope this information helps you understand what my work involves.

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