Frequently Asked Questions

1. I live in the US. Can you still do a hair sample test for me?

Yes. We have clients sending us their hair or nail sample from Europe, the Far East, Middle East and from the States. We can test for anyone in any of these regions. Once you have your test results with your Treatment Plan, you will be able to buy your supplements from a European or US company over the internet or from a health food store in your country.

By the way, we are not affiliated to any particular supplement company. We just make sure that the supplements in your Treatment Plan are the best quality at the most affordable price for you. We are not getting paid for recommending any particular supplement company so we are unbiased.

2. Is one hair sample test enough to get results?

This depends. In our experience, clients with hair loss problems have issues with toxicities, and these toxicities cannot be eliminated in two or three months. In most cases, clients need between 4 and 8 re-tests to get rid of the toxins so that their hair can start to recover. Re-tests are a lot cheaper than the original first test though; usually about half the price of the initial test.
For more information, go the Services Section of this website.

You may also like to watch our YouTube video about Advantages of Hair Testing

3. What can cause hair loss?

By the time you notice an unusal amount of hair loss, things will have gone wrong in your body for quite a while. It can take months, even years of bad nutrition, illness or hormonal imbalance before the body reacts with hair loss.

Hair loss can be caused by a great many things.

Here are just a few of them:

Stress, anaemia, hormonal imbalance (after childbirth; during menopause; taking the contraceptive Pill; coming off the contraceptive Pill; polycystic ovaries); prescription drugs (for acne, anti-coagulant drugs, cholesterol regulating drugs, antidepressants, amphetamines, antifungals, beta-blockers, high blood pressure drugs, HRT, anabolic steroids, steroids generally, anti-inflammatories, arthritis drugs, thyroid drugs, ulcer drugs, chemotherapy for cancer); shock (physical or emotional); a fall; thyroid problems; kidney problems; crash diets; eating foods you are intolerant to; fungus, parasites or other invasive organisms; toxic metals; vaccinations, smoking.

To find out more, get either my paperback Regrowing Hair Naturally from the Books section or get my e-book Help Your Hair To Regrow Naturally for your Kindle, Apple or other reading device.

4. How much hair loss is normal?

Between 70 and 100 hairs a day would be considered normal. Remember, though, that every person is different. If you normally only shed about 50 hairs a day, 100 would be abnormal.

To find out more, get Regrowing Hair Naturally from our Books section.

5. My hair started thinning after I had my first baby. Will it grow again?

Yes, it normally does, so please don’t panic. Give your body two to three months to go back to normal. In the meantime, you can support your body with the right foods and Supplements.

6. I found a small round bald patch on my head. What should I do?

Your body has produced an alopecia areata patch. In many cases, this round patch will grow hair again by itself, but it is better not to rely on it. Buy yourself a good organic aloe vera gel and apply it regularly in the morning and in the evening to the bald patch. Apply it gently and don’t rub. You will have to do this for at least six to eight weeks. Very rarely, your scalp starts itching with aloe vera on it. In that case discontinue immediately (see also Toxicity).

What will be crucial now it for you to find out why your body cannot hang on to your hair in that area of your scalp. There is a reason for this hair loss and it is important to find out why your immune system is suddenly in overdrive. A hair/nail sample test can establish what is going wrong and which supplements you need to take to detox.

You may also like to watch our YouTube video Advantages of Hair Testing.

7. I’m a young man in my mid-twenties and my hair line starts receding at the temples. I don’t seem to get any results with conventional drug treatment. What can I do?

There is a problem with toxicity in your body, and conventional lotions such as Minoxidil will add to the toxic load as it does not just stay on your head but will be absorbed through the scalp into the body.

You need to find out what the original toxic load is that caused your hair to start thinning in the first place. One of the culprits could be the food you are eating! There is more information about Toxicity on this website, or read more in-depth information in Regrowing Hair Naturally which you can buy from the Books section or get the e-book Help Your Hair To Regrow Naturally for your Kindle, Apple or other e-book reading device. For a link to Kindle, click Help Your Hair.

8. I have noticed that whenever I get stressed, I lose a lot of hair. How can I prevent this from happening?

You will have to address the cause of your stress. A good counsellor or hypnotherapist will be able to help you with this (see Useful Addresses in the Useful Links section). At the same time, you can start supporting your body by avoiding eating certain foods, by taking supplements that help your body and mind calm down and by doing some visualisations which help body and mind to calm down.

For more in depth information and a tailor-made treatment plan for your particular hair loss problem, have a hair or nail sample test done (see Services section) and read Regrowing Hair Naturally which comes with a self-hypnosis CD. You can buy this book from the Books section on this website.

If you buy the e-book How To Help Your Hair To Regrow Naturally by clicking on Help Your Hair, you can ask for a free MP3 general self-hypnosis track to be sent to you. The e-book is available for all e-book formats. The MP3 track is very useful for stress management and relaxation.

9. Are there any medical tests I can take which would be helpful in conjunction with my hair loss problem?

Yes. There are a couple of medical tests that would be useful. You should check whether your thyroid is functioning normally and also whether you are short of ferritin, an important component of iron (see Medical Test: Laboratory).

For other essential tests, read Regrowing Hair Naturally which you can order from the Books section.

10. My hair is growing back with the Treatment Plan you set up for me. Why change the supplements now?

When we test your hair sample to establish which supplements you need to take, the supplements will begin detoxing your body from metals, invasive organisms or any other toxins we found. This means that over a period of a few months, your body chemistry changes. As more toxins are eliminated, your body does not need as many of the detox supplements as before and your hair has a chance to grow better again. When we do a re-test for you, we can often reduce some of the detox supplements and replace them with others that will further hair growth. There are also some supplements which you cannot take continuously. In order for them to stay effective, you have to stop taking them for a while. If you take them continuously, they don’t work any more.

11. My hair is very thin, but I don't want to wear a wig. Is there another option?

Yes. You can use microfibres such as Toppik. You simply choose the colour that is closest to your own hair colour and then shake some of the powder onto your scalp. This will make it look denser immediately.

There are also other products on the market which you will find if you google ‘hair fibres’.
For more advice on masking hair loss and replacing eyebrows and eyelashes, read Regrowing Hair Naturally which you can order from the Books section on this website.

12. I was told that hair loss in men is hereditary and that nothing can be done about it. True?

No, not true. It is toxicity that is passed down the generations, not faulty genes. If a mother has amalgam fillings in her teeth while she is pregnant, her body will detox via the baby. That is one of the reasons why some women feel much better during pregnancy than afterwards! Also, if the father’s sperm contained toxins, it will have an effect on the fetus. The good news is that because it is NOT hereditary, baldness can be reversed in many cases.

For more detailed information, buy Regrowing Hair Naturally which you can order from the Books section on this website. You may also like to watch our YouTube video Advantages of Hair Testing.

13. I have used recreational drugs on a regular basis in the past. Would that have affected my hair?

Yes. Recreational drugs add toxicity to the body and, above all, to the brain. This creates havoc with the liver and your hormone levels. A hair/nail sample test can find out exactly what supplements you need to take in order to detox from the drugs.

When you take recreational drugs, you are giving yourself a bit of chemotherapy each time, and you know what happens during chemotherapy …!

14. After reading your book I decided to have all my amalgam fillings replaced. Is this OK?

It depends on how many fillings you have. If you only have one or two, that might be OK, but if you have more than that, be very careful. Under no circumstances should you have any amalgam fillings replaced without the dentist using a gumshield, and you should also make sure that you are doing a detox program before, during and after the fillings have been replaced. If you go to a dentist who doesn’t use a gumshield, you can make matters worse, and if you don’t detox, you can cause further health problems. Take the following as a rule of thumb: the worse your hair and your general health is, the less teeth you can have done at any one time and the longer the intervals between dental treatments.

To find out which supplements you need to take to detox, have a hair/nail sample test done to get a tailor-made Treatment Plan which is uniquely put together for your particular hair loss situation. The Treatment Plan will also tell you how long you have to wait until you can have your amalgams changed.

You may also find it useful to watch our YouTube video Advantages of Hair Testing.

15. What is the difference between alopecia areata and alopecia androgenetica?

Alopecia areata is an auto-immune disease in which the white blood cells attack the hair follicles as though they were foreign bodies. Alopecia areata is a auto-immune problem which starts in round patches on the head (see Alopecia Areata) and also our YouTube video where we explain Different Types of Hair Loss.

In alopecia androgenetica, the picture is that of ‘male pattern hair loss’ which is now increasingly found in younger men and in many younger women.
Signs of alopecia androgenetica in a man are receding temples with perhaps a bald patch on the crown. In women, it occurs as a thinning of hair on top of the head, sometimes with a receding hair line at the front as well (see Alopecia Androgenetica).

16. You say that health kinesiology can help hair grow back. How does it work?

Health Kinesiology (HK) uses muscle testing to identify stresses on the individual’s energy system. Once the stresses are identified, acupuncture points are held to bring the body back into balance so that it can heal itself and regrow hair (see Health Kinesiology).

17. Are there any foods I should avoid if I suffer from hair loss?

Yes. You should definitely avoid sugar and, if you are intolerant to it, wheat. For men, it is important to cut down on fatty animal products such as cheese.

To find out which foods you need to avoid, have a hair/nail sample test done or start off by reading the e-book Help Your Hair to Regrow Naturallly which will give you a list of foods that are beneficial for hair and another list that will show you foods that are often detrimental for hair. The e-book is available for all e-book reader types. To look at the Kindle version, click Help Your Hair.

18. Your treatment plan says I should cut out wheat from my diet. Why is that?

Wheat can be a problem food when you have hair loss. We will have tested your hair sample to see whether you have any food intolerances, and if your test results show that you do not tolerate wheat, it means that you have to avoid this grain.

If you continue to eat wheat, it will compromise the functioning of your digestive system. The undigested wheat causes the formation of mucus in your body which will then prevent the absorption of nutrients into the blood stream. If there are not enough nutrients getting through, the body will use the few remaining nutrients to feed your brain and your heart only, but not your hair follicles. This is why it is crucial that you really avoid wheat products or your hair won’t stop falling out and won’t be able to grow back. – A little bit of wheat in a sauce does not matter; it is more those products that contain mainly wheat such as bread, pizza, pasta, biscuits, cakes, pasties etc. that you will have to stop having. Wheat is actually addictive, and this is why many people are struggling to change their diet.

19. Why do you advise me to stop using Propecia?

Propecia has a great number of side-effects which do not disappear even when you stop taking this drug. There are law suits going on in Canada and the United States by people who have been damaged by using Propecia and still suffer from serious side-effects five years after stopping this drug.

Go to to find out the latest state of affairs.

20. Are there any exercises that can be helpful for someone who is losing hair?

Yes. It is very useful if you can get better circulation up to your scalp by moving your shoulders in an active way (rather than just hanging head down from a tilt board). Have a look at our YouTube video Exercises which will show you two of the most important ones, but there are more exercises in the book Regrowing Hair Naturally which you can buy in the Books section.

21. I have had my hair loss for a long time and, to tell you the truth, I am about to give up.

I know it is soul-destroying when your hair is falling out because it completely undermines your confidence, but please don’t give up. If you need a boost of morale, please watch my YouTube video Don’t Give Up! and Some Success Stories.

However, just watching a video will not get your hair back. Do something about your hair loss, and do something SOON. If you are a man, you only have a limited number of hair growth cycles in your life, so you need to act fast. Women don’t have a limited number of hair growth cycles, but you will still need to do something soon because hair can fall out quickly but takes a long time to regrow again.

Find out why your hair is falling out and what natural supplements you need to take to counteract any toxicities in your body. You can do it with us here by having a hair/nail sample test done, or you can do it with someone else, but DO SOMETHING which does not involve you putting chemicals on your head because that is just wallpapering over the cracks.