Coronavirus test

A company in Harley Street, London, is currently offering Coronavirus self-test kits for £375 for those who are worried about being infected and passing on the infection. The British NHS is not able to test everyone but have to rely on the general population to self-isolate if they feel they may be affected.

Many of my clients are telling me that they are not only concerned for their own health but also for the health of their elders who are particularly vulnerable. As we have heard on the news, there are people who carry the virus but do not show any symptoms, so these individuals would not feel they needed to self-isolate and would therefore unknowingly  spread the virus.

In the course of my work for hair loss clients, I am running tests to see whether toxic metals, invasive organisms and food intolerances show up for them, and those clients who have already booked the hair/nail sample test will be automatically screened for the Coronavirus and advised which supplements to take to deal with the virus.

Not-knowing can cause a lot of stress, so I have decided to now also offer a single test for the Coronavirus to anyone who is concerned, even if they don’t have hair loss issues. The added benefit is that I will also test which supplement/s will be best for you to take to either strengthen your immune system or to combat the virus if you already have it. This test is £40.

Please contact me at and ask for the Coronavirus test form.

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