About Us

HairgrowthUK was founded in 2002 by Vera Peiffer, a health kinesiologist specialising in hair and skin problems.

Below you will find information on the only three practitioners who are qualified to carry out hair and nail sample tests for hair loss clients. The HairgrowthUK team has undergone rigorous training to get the best results for clients who are unable to attend a clinic in person and are therefore sending in a hair or nail sample for testing.

The HairgrowthUK team consists of Vera Peiffer, Amanda Brooks and Atreyee Goswami. See below for more details.

VeraPeifferVera Peiffer BA FAACT KFRP MAPHP (Acc) CBP BSYG (Herb.)
Health Kinesiologist
Analytical Hypnotherapist
Director of HairgrowthUK
Contact: hairgrowth@peiffer.co.uk
Website: You’re on it!
Location: West Sussex, UK

Amanda Brooks DC BSc (Chiropractic) Dip. MESK Adv. KFRP MFHT C.B.C.P
Health Kinesiologist
Associate of HairgrowthUK
Contact: hairgrowthUK@ymail.com
Location: Oxfordshire, UK


Atreyee Goswami MSc MHGUK
Psychology for Hair Growth Practitioner
Contact: atreyee12change@gmail.com
Website: www.12change.co.uk
Location: Cambridgeshire and London, UK




In the Practitioners section of this website, you will find kinesiologists who will be able to test for toxicities when you attend their practice. However, these practitioners are not qualified to carry out hair or nail sample testing for you.


Expert Advisors to HairgrowthUK

Homeopathy Suzie Reyes-Nichol
Suzie Nichol is lecturer and director of the Salisbury Homeopathy College. She is also a clinician in one of the college’s student clinics and supervises students in their final stages of study as they work with their own patients.


Here is a recent comment from one of our clients whose hair loss was reversed with our detox program:

“My head is full of hair or fuzz. My bald spot is getting smaller and is covered with thin hair. Hair is even growing at the front of my head in parts that were bald for many  years. On top of my head, hair is getting stronger and darker. On top of my head, the two sides with strong hair are getting closer [together] and soon the corridor with thin hair will disappear. I don’t remember when was the last time I had hair so strong on top of my head.” [Male client, 37]

For more case histories of clients who have been treated successfully, please click here.